Project Description

H&T Realty

Client: H&T Realty
Builder: In One Projects

In this project, we worked on the interior of the H&T Realty head office based in Sydney. Our client is a leading property investment company in Australia. Our main goal was to create a professional and inviting commercial space representing the company’s style and vision.
With the Chinese roots of the business, our client wanted to incorporate feng shui into the design. In this project, we have used gold elements as this colour is an expression of vital energy, wealth and luck.

For decoration, we used wall and reception desk panelling built with 400 individual pieces made of timber. Each element needed to be precisely cut by hand in different thickness to create this impressive 3D effect.
Additionally, to match the gold in the company’s name, we added golden inserts made of timber veneer with gold inlays. It gave the design a bit more depth and style.

The black marble on the reception desk was a sophisticated addition to the interior. Moreover, it is believed that black stone supports economic success and reduces stress.