Project Description


Builder: Blue Group
Client: Nubo

The project for NUBO was one of the most exciting and inspiring, as in this fit-out, we could show our expertise, outstanding skills and many times use our imagination.

NUBO is a large activity area for children located in Alexandria. It is a place where kids can play, exercise and learn. Therefore, we needed to make sure all joinery is top quality and meets all the safety standards. Moreover, all elements had to look attractive, engaging and fun for little guests of NUBO.

The whole area’s design included many different shapes and curves that created a modern, unique and fun interior. Because of the uniqueness of the entire project, we had to use our top professional design abilities and custom made every single part of the joinery that often we made on the side.

One of the challenges of this project was working with the plans written in Chinese. As a result, we needed to work closely with our client and re-design every element to create everything according to the requirements.

The play area has many exciting parts for children – several slides, a ball pit, monkey bars etc. One of the most fun rooms of NUBO is a kid’s library with beautiful timber bookshelves, curved stairs and balloon installation in the middle, where children can climb and read. Each part of the activity area is created in original shapes in white colour with a timber finish.

The café area of NUBO is a place where the whole family can enjoy a nice cup of tea or some sweet treats. To make sure it matches NUBO’s theme, we installed a white counter area with all the curves representing the interior style. Tables and chairs made of white and timber elements suit the design perfectly. Additionally, we used a special cladded and upholstered wall behind the café for a better effect.

The project required the most incredible attention to details when creating other elements like a small Juliette balcony made of timber veneer or curved window surrounds and door frames. We needed to measure everything to perfection.

Building an activity area for children was extremely satisfying for our whole team. Our hard work resulted in a stunning and stylish interior full of fun parts for children to enjoy.