Project Description

Penshurst Public School

Builder: Grindley Constructions
Client: Department of Education

It was one of our largest projects where we were assigned to supply cabinetry for a brand-new public school in Penshurst. It included fit-outs for all classrooms, reception areas, administration office, library, canteen, staff room and kitchen and many more elements like fitted bag storage, multimedia rooms and acoustic panelling in some of the classrooms.

Our primary goal was to create the joinery perfectly fitted to all rooms in this project, meeting all requirement for school interiors and finishing the project before the start of a new school year.

Penshurst Public School is located in a modern building that has a unique, curved shape. Therefore, many interior elements needed to be designed and customised to fit perfectly with the curved walls. One of the more challenging yet exciting parts of the project was installing desks placed against the curved walls and between the structural columns. We used that solution in a few school areas, and it is very functional and impressive.

Moreover, some of the furniture like desks and seating booths were designed in the shape that recreates the school building’s style. As a result, we used round tables, curved seating booths and reception desks in a unique form in many areas.

We equipped all classrooms, staff room, and kitchen with fitted joinery that was perfectly customised to meet each room’s requirement and save as much space. Additionally, in some rooms, we installed an acoustic wall panelling to eliminate any noise.

Our top professional team used their imagination, expertise, and exceptional skills to build top-quality joinery that helps Penshurst Public School’s students learn in a comfortable and functional space.